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Naturopathic Doctors are licensed primary health care providers trained as general family practitioners.
Patients consult Naturopathic Doctors for general health care, preventive medicine
advice, and for the diagnosis and treatment of all acute and chronic conditions.
Naturopathic medicine has its own therapeutic specialties, utilizing mostly natural therapies.
These include:
  • Nutrition
  • Botanical Medicine
  • Homeopathy
  • Physical Medicine
  • Minor Surgery
  • Natural Hormones
  • Nutritional Supplementation including Intravenous Therapy such as High Dose Vitamin C therapy
In Oregon, Naturopathic Doctors have prescriptive rights for a broad range of pharmaceutical agents, also.
Naturopathic Doctors utilize state of the art laboratory evaluations for acute and chronic disease presentations.
These include:
  • Diagnositc Imaging
  • Routine PAPS
  • STD checks
  • Comprehensive Profiles, lipids, complete white & red blood cell counts
  • Thyroid Profiles
  • Food Allergy Testing
  • Hepatic Detoxification Profile
  • Toxic Heavy Metal Analysis
  • Pesticide and Solvent Exposure Panel
  • Hormone Saliva Test
  • Comprehensive Diagnostic Stool Panel 
Each patient receives a comprehensive medical evaluation, physical examination and relevant laboratory work-up.
Dr. Kelly is a cancer survivor and works closely with her oncology patients toreduce symptoms during conventional chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation.
Dr. Kelly helps clients to proactively choose a lifestyle which can help reduce the reoccurrence of tumors and inflammatory conditions which can promote cancer.


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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japanese Nuclear Activity May Pose Radiation Exposure to US

Due to the earthquake and subsequent damage to the nuclear plants in Japan, the potential for radiation exposure from the cloud/storm systems traveling across the Pacific ocean presents itself. The expected land fall of the Pacific front would be sometime this week3/16-18, 2011.

Treatment - Seaweed combinations of Wakame, Kombu, Kelp, Fronds, Iridea, Fucus... will help to offset one's exposure to the radioactive iodine, strontium, and cesium.  Taking potassium iodine or Lugol's solution will help to saturate Iodine receptors on the thyroid, also; but this will not reduce other radioactive elements from being absorbed.  

Treat your animals, also with the seaweed powder.  1-2 tsp daily or 600-1200 mg 2-3 times daily.  For children the dose would be half.

Powder can be dusted on popcorn, potatoes, salads, vegetables, or anywhere where a salty flavor (somewhat fishy) would be palatable.  You can also just encapsulate the powder and take 6-10 (00) caps daily.

email with questions.

12:48 am edt 

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Wound That Doesn't Heal

Acute inflammation by definition is a finite self-limiting presentation.  All chronic inflammation begins as acute inflammation but does not follow the well-orchestrated process of acute inflammation.  Observations suggest that chronic inflammation is involved in tumor initiation, promotion, and progression.    The chronic inflammatory condition contributes to 15-25% of all cancer conditions worldwide.  Examples of chronic inflammatory conditions that are associated with cancer risks include the following: Schistosoma hematobium with bladder cancer; H. pylori with gastric adenocarcinoma; hepatitis viuse with cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma, asbestos-induced inflammation with bronchogenic carcinoma or mesothelioma; and HPV with cervical cancer.

Does a tumor facilitate its exitence through the manipulation of hte immune system and the promotion of chronic inflammatory mechanisms, or does a chronic inflammatory condition proactively recruit and transform stem cells into tumor cells?  The interplay and paradoxical patterns of innate and adaptive cellular communication promote a proinflammatory and protumorigenic environment that allows tumors to grow and escape immune surveillance.  At determined points, the inflammatory pathways benefit the host through the repair and remodeling of the extracellular matrix and vascular system, remobal of bacterial proliferation through oxidative burst and phagocytic engulfing, and appropriate surveillance of renegade cellular division.  On the other hand, these same custodians of tissue trauma, pathogenic invasion, impaired cellular growth, angiogenesis, and oxidative damage will become traitors tothe well-being of the host after reachin critical mass in the chronic state of disease.  In the region of neoplastic development in association with chronic inflammation, the collaboration between the innate and adaptive immune systems can favor the development of cancer progression.

As a naturopathic physician, my treatment principles have foundations in the biochemical signalling that can generate and contribute to ongoing chronic disease and potential tumor formation.  I work to assess and treat pathways of inflammation.  These protocols include assessing diet and life style, suggesting herbal and nutritional formulas and utilizing principles of natuopathic medicine to guide me in suggesting treatments for prevention and elimination of inflammation and the promotion of a balanced vs a rogue immune state in the body.

6:15 pm est 

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